Is the game free to play

Is the game free to play

The game is free to play on Steam. We are also running early playtests to gather more feedback from the players and testers will receive some cosmetics for joining the playtests. When the game is launched there will be in-game purchases available, details are still being worked on so if you have any suggestions feel free to jump onto our Discord channel and have a say!
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    • Where can I download the game?

      Goblin Gladiators is currently available on Steam as a free to play game.
    • How old should I be to play the game?

      We welcome everyone to come and experience Goblin Gladiators! However, if you are not of legal age, please seek parental permission before making any in-game purchases.
    • Does the game require internet connection to play?

      Yes, Goblin Gladiators requires an active internet connection.
    • My game is stuck on loading screen?

      Please force-close the game, clear both the cache and data before relaunching the game. If the issue persists, drop us a message on our Discord channel or submit a ticket on our player support helpdesk.
    • What are the currencies in game?

      The game currently has only one in-game currency: Gladiator Golds. This currency allows you to obtain new spells, new talents or to unlock access to new gladiators. More currencies will be added in the future to allow the purchase of skins and ...